SQLI Enterprise

Digital Performance leader

2000 enthusiasts – 5 digital agencies – 2 offshore centers in Morocco – 1 nearshore center at Bordeaux

100% digitales technologies

6 countries : France – Switzerland – Belgium – Luxembourg – Netherlands – Morocco

About us

Existing services needing to be digitised or new digital services to be created, teams that are connected to each other as well as their clients and partners, an open and mobile-ready information system, a truly data-centric strategy and ever-increasing agility: the transformation of organisations and systems is truly a challenge.

SQLI Enterprise is the partner of choice for defining, implementing and managing digital transformation.

Our guiding principle is the integration of business and IT within a coherent cross-channel approach:
+ Consulting services and change management to provide relevant solutions for your business needs
+ IT consulting and governance to adopt disruptive technology and the most modern methodologies, and to help you make the right choices
+ Setting-up of digital industrialisation factories combining quality, innovation and flexibility to leverage your digital strike force

Our solutions facilitate the digital transition. They accelerate collaboration between employees, partners and suppliers, generating innovation, making teams mobile and connecting objects, and digitising business processes for greater simplicity and efficiency.
Our approach combines practices and technologies to generate increased rapidity, connectivity and productivity and to enable the company to deliver on its promises to customers.

+ Consulting – Governance – Project portfolio – Change management
+ Digitisation – Digital office – Skills management – Innovation management
+ Digitisation of services – Purchasing, Finance, HR and Decision-support solutions
+ Enterprise Asset Management
+ Digital platform – Big data – mobility

+ Innovative Factory: decipher technological innovations, experiment in an agile manner by bringing together IT and Business Services
+ Business Factory: outsource your business applications and ensure quality and agility for your users
+ Mobile Factory: rationalise and accelerate your expertise in mobile technology with a leading partner in mobility

They rely on us: Apicil, Aéroport de Lyon, Airbus, BOBST, BNP Paribas, CDiscount, Delhaize, FNAIM, La Banque Postale, Ministère de l’Agriculture, Printemps, Roche, SIG, SNCF, Société Générale, and more.