Marketing and e-commerce

Our integrator skills and our ability to industrialise digital projects create synergies with our WAX Interactive digital marketing agency, which specializes in marketing data and online trading.
The combination of marketing and technologies are used to develop your sales and your customer experience.

Identify prospects
Audience segmentation
ecommerce plateforms
Customized Marketing

Customer experience – Create attractive cross-channel experiences


systems in 2013


CRM specialists

Finding prospective clients

Segmenting your audience

Personnalising the relationship

Managing your reputation

Connected commerce – Develop omni-channel commerce


hybrys integrator in France


e-commerce projects in 2013


international projects completed

e-commerce plateforms

Personalised marketing

Predictive commerce

Connected stores

Business innovation – Create new offers

Create the break

New business models

New services

Listen to customers and the market

Creating innovations

Connecting and managing team

Propelling them

Our e-commerce experts and clients wanted to use this white paper to share their feedback stemming from more than 10 years’ involvement in e-business projects.


Boost your sales with the help of social networks.
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