Data marketing

Built into the heart of marketing strategy, customer relations personalisation enriches the quality of exchanges and boosts your sales.

Data marketing is defined as a strategic and innovative use of data to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing actions.

The collection and processing of structured and non-structured data, through technological tools, helps businesses understand purchasing behaviour and customise their customer relations.

The Wax Interactive agency, specialising in data marketing & connected commerce, helps you define, implement and set up your data marketing projects:

    • A customised Data Marketing platform for you
    • A catalogue of pre-selected partner solutions
    • Long term-support from our web marketing consultants
data vizualisation

Data visualisation

qualite des données

Data quality


Prestations de broker

Broker benefit

Council and database acquisition

SQLI, strengthened byt its experience and innovation capacity, supports you in the definition of you marketing strategy

    • Data strategy: relational, acquisition, segmentation, facilitation, analysis
    • Implementation: datamart, warehouse design, data inventory, probance hyper marketing, selligent

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