SQLI Enterprise,the reference partner for helping organizations with their digital transformation

Companies that are leaders in their field are those that have managed to reinvent their model by making use of digitization.
This revolution is being waged on two fronts (new business models and organisational performance) and is capable of helping brands stand out and maintain a dominant position in their business segments.

Our aim is clear: to help you win on every front

Confirm the digital promises

Pioneer of new development and industrialisation,
and works with you on the entire digital chain

Speed up

Collaborative entreprise


Digitized operations


Cross-channel and mobile IS


CRM and e-commerce

Didier Bénet

The role of SQLI ENTERPRISE is to provide you with all the means to acquire disruptive technologies, adopt the latest methods, and also provide digital industrialisation plants of significant size, combining quality, innovation and flexibility – which are vital for the success of your digital transition.
We are the process digitisation partner. Our guiding principle is the integration of business and IT, with cross-channel consistency. Finally, we help you create your digital strike force with our industrial delivery centers.

Didier BénetVice-CEOSQLI Enterprise