Digital Governance :Digital Runner approach

The era of the full-throttle acceleration of digital projects, the active digitalisation of the customer relationship, and outsourcing of processes is over. Now, companies must streamline, control and develop digital in line with a trio of ‘performance-technologies-organisation’. Digital requires governance!

A successful digital transformation requires governance in the service of the company’s or organisation’s strategy. There can be many obstacles: a lack of skills, corporate culture, the complexity of information systems, technical heterogeneity, the historic management of budgets in different departments in the company, etc.

That is why a structured approach is crucial in order to take a step back, analyse the limits of current practices and define an established and shared roadmap.

SQLI offers its customers a unique methodology for a successful digital transformation: digital runner. With our dual WAX Interactive and SQLI Enterprise approach we can have dialogue between marketing and technological issues, make the link between cross-channel customer journeys and processes in the information system, and bring together the digitally-related strategic and operational areas of focus.

Initially, the audit of the company’s digital maturity will be done in workshops with various departments and the IT department with our ‘Digital Check’ methodology. This stage involves determining the level of the organisation’s maturity, understanding the stages of improvement, agreeing on a roadmap, and deploying an action plan.

A successful digital transformation

  • Strategy: new business models, a customer experience, new sources of revenue
  • Technologies: cross-channel customer journeys, an open and upgradeable IS, shared skills & solutions
  • Organisation: production processes, a culture of collaboration & innovation, industrialised digital skills





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