More than 150 high-level consultants use their knowledge based on tried and tested consultancy approaches to define, implement and manage the digital transformation of your company or organisation for your benefit.

The digital transformation of companies is a major phenomenon with exponential benefits, as much in terms of improving customer knowledge and developing sales as optimising the company’s processes and costs.

This transformation represents a real challenge in terms of governance, optimising processes, technological choices, managing the information system, the development of skills and project methodologies, and change management.

From the strategy to the operational, we have developed first-rate consulting.

Our experienced consultants work on your strategic, functional, technical and organisational issues in terms of auditing, defining transformation programmes, specifying needs, evaluating the IS, technological advice, and organisation assignments.

Our consultancy arm is positioning itself as a major player in defining, implementing and managing your digital transformation with excellent practices:

  • Advice on the digital transformation of organisations (digital transformation strategy, innovation)
  • Professional advice (support for business departments, project ownership)
  • IS advice (strategy, maturity and performance of the IS, IT system architecture design initiative, blueprint, change management)
  • Advice on improving processes (agile coaching, process improvement initiative, lean)
  • Technological advice (industrialisation, audit, definition of architecture, quality measurement, evangelism)

Digital governance : a successful digital transformation

Identify your digital strengths and weaknesses with our Digital Runner initiative:

  • Strategy: marketing & business, customer experience, connected commerce
  • Technology: customer insights, data management, cross-channel & mobile IS
  • Organisation: management, digital culture, information management

#CREATIVESTUDIO: Free your creativity with a participatory workshop

  • Customized seminars based on collective intelligence
  • Using game mechanics and entrepreneurship
  • Innovation group to define new products or resolve situations

Big Data : fully exploit the data

  • Understanding the issues for the company
  • Identification of uses based on the optimised use of the data
  • Assessment of the relevance of projects and their feasibility
  • Definition of architecture based on Big Data
  • Assistance in using the data and suggested adapted predictive models

Consulting at SQLI Enterprise in figures

  • More than 200 customers assisted since our creation
  • 4 sites (Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Geneva)
  • Interventions in Europe, the Maghreb and West Africa
  • 14 reference works written by our consultants

They trust us