Digital accessibility

The next accessibility train is arriving at the station

The main accessibility rule to bear in mind, which also holds true for ergonomics, is that whoever the person is and whatever their gender, environment, IT equipment, impairments and related assistance technologies, they must have access to the same content as everybody else.  

Phygital: a combined online approach 

The aim of the 'phygital' concept is to reunite these two approaches, which are mutually beneficial and in no way at odds with each other. In this article, we discuss the benefits of adopting a phygital strategy.   
Banques américaines

What Tactics Are US Banks Adopting to Attract Millennials Into Their Branches?

Millennials are the target market that the vast majority of firms are most focused on. In the US, financial institutions are showing great imagination to attract these customers into their branches for commercial purposes. So, how do they try to win over this particularly demanding group?Here are a few examples of initiatives introduced to attract more customers into branches.

Loyalty: turn your customer into a partner

Picture the scene: it's Monday 2 January at 6 p.m. and the Board meeting has just ended. Everybody shakes hands, looking drained, not from the alcohol fumes still hanging in the air from their full-on New Year celebrations, but rather their epic 6-hour meeting with shareholders. The Chairman pops his head round your office door to warn you: "You've got a year to double your turnover and your budget's being slashed by 80%. We're counting on you to do it... Happy New Year!" Time to panic? No way! There's just one single solution: DEVELOPING LOYALTY.
Santé et start up

Start-ups shaking up the US healthcare sector

Most health insurance in the US is private. Since 1950, US household healthcare expenses have increased fivefold. With more than $10,000 in expenditure per year and per person, this very juicy market inevitably attracts innovators and start-ups. SQLI Lab identified 3 firms to follow.

6 steps to level-up your gamification skills

Gamification is all about putting the user (or rather the player) at the centre of the business process design to transform every task, every action into an experience that is both engaging and... fun! Gamification can be used internally, to facilitate communication and knowledge management or for fostering collaboration.